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Strategic partnership with HBAR announced at COP27

Evercity enters into strategic collaboration with HBAR Foundation, as announced at COP27.
We will utilize Hedera Hashgraph to create new instruments for green debt and carbon markets and succeed on our mission of boosting the supply of sustainable finance instruments. The Guardian framework for Hedera will be used to accelerate the development process and make sustainable finance more accessible to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around the globe. 

Hedera and The HBAR Foundation have been long-committed to sustainability, and the creation of infrastructure for issuance of ESG assets - enabling a series of open source infrastructure solutions as part of their goal to bring the balance sheet of the planet to the public ledger. The cornerstone of this ecosystem is built around the Guardian, which is expected to become a game changer in environmental markets by offering greater auditability, discoverability and liquidity particularly with additional open source tooling around Automated Regression Market Makers. 

Two other important features of the Hedera network are its carbon-negative footprint and low transaction fees. Within this collaboration, Evercity aims to develop and commercialize several interconnected products to make sustainability finance more auditable and enable transparency, so the world can answer critical questions on where green finance goes and if it funds projects in an equitable manner. 

At COP27 in November 2022, Evercity presented the first collaboration result - carbon forward tokens on Hedera in partnership with an Austrian project developer Helioz, and there are more use cases in the pipeline for next year.