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Climate Chain Coalition announces new strategy

This year the Climate Chain Coalition (CCC) celebrates its 5th anniversary. From the CCC’s founding by 12 organizations in 2017 with the cooperation of the UNFCCC Secretariat, the CCC has grown to 360+ organizations in 69 countries as an open global multi-stakeholder network.

As digital innovations are starting to mature, the CCC is evolving to focus on activities to resolve an array of challenges, including primarily:

  • Growing partnerships across climate and digital communities, including the Digital Innovation Community and Digital Innovation Pavilion within the UNFCCC process
  • Supporting knowledge creation and sharing, as well as access to resources to accelerate growth of solutions
  • Co-leading and co-creating collaborative efforts, such as via new Climate Chain Labs, for shared data and digital innovation infrastructure to help empower stakeholders as an integrated ecosysem

The CCC is extending and refining how it is organized and how it can better support the variety of links among CCC members and stakeholders that span an extensive multi-dimensional array of issues. The new CCC Strategy will continue to advance in collaboration with members and partners - together we will succeed in utilizing digital innovations to achieve ambitious climate action goals that also respect the sustainable development goals.
For more information please visit www.climatechaincoalition.org.