Digital Innovation Pavilion Program
December 1

OS Guardian: Next Generation of Digital Methodologies for Emisssions Measurement and Carbon Markets

OS Guardian: Next generation of digital methodologies for emissions measurement and carbon markets

Date: December 1st
Time: 13:30 GST (Dubai local time)
Venue: COP28, IAAI - Digital Innovation Pavilion, Zone B7, Building 88
Broadcast Link:
Today, we embark on an exploration of Next Generation Registry Systems, transformative tools reshaping our approach to environmental sustainability. These systems are not just improvements but radical reimaginings of carbon asset management, aligning with our climate goals. Let’s envision how these systems bring seamless, transparent, and universally trusted management and reporting of environmental impacts.


  • Daniel Norkin, CEO and Co-Founder, Envision Blockchain Solutions
  • Jason Pancis, COO and Co-Founder, Envision Blockchain Solutions