About Evercity
Founded in 2018, Evercity is a Berlin-headquartered platform for impact measurement and investment. Our founders have more than 10 years of experience helping global corporations to become more sustainable. We created multiple innovations presented at UN level and helped to enable the world’s first carbon credit transaction on blockchain in 2017.

We have long relations with UNFCCC secretariat, receiving their advice and methodological support for our R&D efforts. We are regular participants of the UN Climate Change Conference, World Bank’s Innovate4Climate Forum, and other landmark events.
Meet Our Team
Alexey Shadrin
Co-founder, CEO

10 years of startup experience in impact investment and tech, co-founder of the Russian Carbon Fund and DAO IPCI. Head of the finance working group at the UN-backed Climate Chain Coalition.

Liza Romanova
Co-founder, COO

Co-founder of the Russian Carbon Fund - internationally recognized impact fund operating since 2011. 10 years of experience in managing impact investment and measurement projects.

Ilya Ozerov

Full-stack software engineer with 8+ years of experience in development analytics and media startups. Former software engineer at Statsbot (San Francisco) and Exilion Technologies (Toronto).

Albert Iblyaminov
IT Director

Developer with 8+ of experience in front end (HTML, jQuery, PHP, Bootstrap, MySQL, Git, AJAX) leaded projects with such partners as Alfa Bank, Gazprom, Tetra Pak, Blockchain Institute.

Maria Vladimirova
Senior product manager

Masters in Geoscience, 5 years experience in B2B product management at Refinitiv (LSEG), delivered new apps and product features at commodity trading software.

Anita Mujumdar
Project manager

Specialist in sustainable development, energy, green finance, digital technologies, as well as international relations and oriental studies.

Dmitry Belov
Sales Manager

Project manager and sales representative in the field of blockchain, industry 4.0, SDGs, impact investment and related technologies.

Dmitry Bushuev
Blockchain developer

Software developer. Distributed Systems specialist. Rust programming language enthusiast.

Rob Fowler
Green Finance Advisor

Owner of Essential Change Advisory Services. Global expert in green investment, carbon markets and their impact on business.

Katherine Foster
Partnerships and Business Development

Community Director at Open Earth Foundation. Former Cana- dian Diplomat on Climate, worked at Climate-KIC, UN, MIT Solve Fellow, BLOC, World Bank, NAFTA.

Denis Soldatov
WEB3 Advisor

Former DevOps engineer in Parity.io and Polkadot. Founder of the Russian Ethereum community. DAO and WEB3 evangelist.

Vladimir Litvak
Impact Advisor

Head of Climate Finance and Carbon Trading at VTB Capital. Former energy specialist at the World Bank and managing director at GMCS Americas and Aristeas Corporation.

Miroslav Polzer
GR & PR Advisor

Strategic Director at the ССС. Founder and CEO of IAAI GloCha, UN-accredited social NGO based in Austria.

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