Digital platform for impact measurement,
management and investment
What is Evercity?
Evercity is a blockchain-based platform for impact measurement, management & investment. We aim at accelerating finance flows into projects & innovations needed to attain UN 2030 Agenda.
What problems do we solve?
To bridge the 2,5 trln SDG financing gap we are:
  • enabling direct & transparent impact measurement using Industry 4.0 technologies
  • increasing profitability & liquidity of impact investment by digital issuance of bonds, shares & derivatives
What is our vision?
Industry 4.0 and WEB3 technologies will enable humanity to assess, manage & distribute global resources in a more fair and transparent way. This will lead to new economic models that we are building now.
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Carbon Footprint Italy and Evercity launched the first blockchain-based solution to store carbon footprint data
The online app utilizes public blockchain technology to store the information on carbon footprint of products and organizations in CO2 equivalent preventing data tampering, bringing unprecedented transparency and trust into corporate climate action and its disclosure.
Evercity presents Digital Solutions for Sustainable Finance at ITU Smart Sustainable City Forum
Continuing fruitful collaboration with ITU within United 4 Smart Sustainable Cities initiative and ITU Innovation Challenge, Alexey Shadrin held a panel presentation on Digital Technologies for Sustainable Finance. This event opened new opportunities for cooperation with ITU in other areas in CIS region and beyond.
Evercity platform presents three use cases on Industry 4.0 tech for climate
At the press-conference of Climate Chain Coalition at COP25, Evercity platform for impact measurement, management and investment presented three new cases: issuance of digital passports of farmers’ produce in New Zealand, blockchain-based carbon market simulation game in Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan and issuance of renewable energy certificates from a small-scale solar power plant in rural Chile.
Evercity platform for impact measurement, management and investment demonstrated at COP25
Summing up its tech R&D experience since 2016, Evercity team has built an MVP of a digital platform which solves the main problems of impact investment market: inaccurate impact measurement, inefficient portfolio management & limited liquidity and profitability of investments. At COP25, we demonstrated some platform features and blockchain-based issuance of RECs from a small-scale solar power plant in rural Chile which gives small scale renewable energy projects new funding opportunities.
Blockchain for Open Sensors Network Initiative announced at COP25
Participating NGOs will receive free smart sensors connected to blockchain network to form a global public database of trusted CO2 and pollution data.
Evercity won Ecosystem Best Practice award at ITU Innovation Challenge
Selected as an Ecosystem Best Practice at ITU Innovation Challenge, Evercity Platform was presented at Young ICT Leaders’ Forum in Busan, South Korea. This event created new opportunities for partnership between Evercity and innovative ICT ecosystems stakeholders present in the Smart City Busan.
The first Smart Sustainable City Hackathon based on the Federal project for Digitalization of urban environment “Smart City” will take place in Moscow
From 31st May to 2nd June industry experts, business leaders, investors, developers and authorities will come together for a 48-hours hackathon, supported by Russian Federation Ministry of Construction. The goal of the event is to create unique solutions on the basis of AI, IoT and distributed ledger technology to implement the governmental project for Digitalization of urban environment “Smart City”.
Airalab chosen out of numerous applications from all over the world to participate in Schaeffler Technology Partnering Asia/Pacific 2019 event “Robotics meets urban mobility”.
Airalab will present results of its R&D in robotics and Industry 4.0 and explore collaboration opportunities with Schaeffler Group - leading global automotive and industrial supplier.
Announcing the launch of Evercity Lab — custom blockchain development studio
Global industry leaders have already started the transfer to blockchain infrastructure in order to increase efficiency and widen outreach by providing new products to their customers. Evercity Lab is designed to provide a variety of custom blockchain development services and white label platform solution to assist businesses in blockchain adoption, minimizing their costs and time to market, as well as raising transparency.
Summing up COP24 achievements: Evercity portfolio project's recap of the global climate summit.
Among other highlights, DAO IPCI tech team presented a live demo for experts, market players and UNFCCC employees, showing unprecedentedly low costs of launching a climate program and issuing carbon credits on blockchain in real time.
Evercity Asia Digital Investment tour
Evercity announces partnership with Thetta DAO framework at DevCon4
Evercity is happy to announce partnership with an open-source DAO framework The collaboration is aimed at fostering the emergence of Decentralized autonomous organizations, which Evercity believes to be a key component of truly smart sustainable cities.
“Energy Blockchain Hack”: first Russian hackathon for energy markets takes place in Moscow
Evercity portfolio projects live demo at the leading technological university in Singapore
On 2nd October Evercity organised a demonstration of the smart sustainable city vision based on the actual use cases of its portfolio projects to high level officials of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The demonstration became another step to the implementation of Evercity portfolio projects in the most rapidly growing Asian smart city.
Evercity Ecosystem
Global AI-based air quality management platform and API
A revolutionary internet-of-things cloud platform for a «SMART CITY AS A SERVICE» and big data analytics.
Open-source blockchain protocol for green finance. Pioneered world's first carbon credit transaction on blockchain
Blockchain infrastructure for autonomous drone services & human-to-machine communication
Our presence
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Developers & operational team
Washington DC
Representative office
Turkish community
Korean community
Japanese community
Chinese Community
Evercity PLatform
Online impact data collection using IoT, drones & satellite integration
Data stored in public blockchain insuring transparency & immutability
AI-based scoring & assesement mechanism
Invest & issue customizable digital bonds, shares or blended instruments
Issue digital impact derivatives such as carbon credits, green certificates etc
Monitor, manage and report on your protfolio performance against international standards
Evercity Lab
White label and custom development of tokenization platforms for real assets
Blockchain, smart contracts and DAO frameworks for investment funds and companies
Experienced team of full stack developers, including leading experts in blockchain field
Alexey Shadrin
10 years of startup experience in impact investment and tech, co-founder of the Russian Сarbon Fund and DAO IPCI Public speaker, co-author of the book «Transforming Climate Finance and Green Investment with Blockchains», Head of the finance working group at the UN-backed Climate Chain Coalition.

Co-founder of the Russian Carbon Fund - internationally recognized impact fund operating since 2011. 10 years of experience in managing impact investment and measurement projects. Outstanding UI/UX design skills and experience.

Legal & tech architect
Lawyer-developer and DAO architect with 16 years of practice in leading corporations and VC’s. Deep knowledge of digital finance protocols and DAO frameworks. Gives university lectures on legal and technical aspects of blockchain.

Alber Iblyaminov
Developer with 8+ of experience in front end of web sites and applications (HTML, jQuery, PHP, Bootstrap, MySQL, Git, AJAX). He leaded projects at Art. Lebedev Studio, with such partners as Alfa Bank, Gazprom, Tetra Pak, Blockchain Institute.

Anita Mujumdar
Project manager
Specialist in sustainable development, energy, green finance, digital technologies, as well as international relations and oriental studies.

Sales manager
Project manager and sales representative in the field of blockchain, industry 4.0, SDGs, impact investment and related technologies. International relations and communications specialist with an expertise in the Asian region and knowledge of Japanese culture, politics, and economics.

Vladimir Litvak
Impact & relationships
Sustainable development, energy and environmental finance executive with 25-year experience. Former Head of Green Energy and Carbon Finance at VTB Capital, largest investment bank in CEE/CIS. Former employee of The World Bank.

Denis Soldatov
WEB 3 technologies
Founder of DevOps in Parity and Ethereum's Russian-language community. Member of the Russian State Duma's Financial Committee's Council on Legislative Provisioning in the Development of Financial Technologies in the Russian Federation. Crypto-enthusiast, expert in blockchain development, software & hardware projects, and IT team management.
Miroslav Polzer
GR&PR advisor, Austria CCC EU Lead
Founder and CEO of International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges, a United Nations (ECOSOC, UNFCCC, GCF) accredited civil society organization based in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (Austria).

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