Green debt and carbon origination platform
Evercity platform automates management, issuance and monitoring of sustainable finance. We make it easier, cheaper and more transparent for banks, funds, corporates and SMEs.
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End-to-end solution integrated with global standards and taxonomies ensures ultimate transparency and high automation at each step of your sustainable finance journey.
Evercity Platform
Sustainable finance journey starts with taxonomy screening and impact framework creation. Automate portfolio management tasks on the way to sustainability labelling and reporting.
Identify sustainable assets of a company or the whole portfolio in compliance with the legal requirements in EU and other regions. Get analytics and visuals with detailed results and reveal the growth points for sustainable transformation. Integrate securely and easily with existing systems.
Taxonomy screening
Automate document creation to save time and costs of sustainable debt structuring. Receive verification on the public blockchain to become the trust and transparency champion.
Sustainable debt framework creation
Issue fully traceable assets on the blockchain: bonds, loans, carbon credits. Our open-source Sustainable Finance protocol leads to 10 times cost reduction and issuance speed increase.
Digital Asset Issuance
Issue green and SDG-linked debt on the blockchain with 10x speed, transparency and traceability. Connect the interest rate to physical impact performance to boost confidence of investors. Reduce operational complexity & issuance cost by process automation.
Sustainable bonds & loans
Since the worlds first issuance of carbon credits on the blockchain our team has been at the forefront of climate finance innovations. Issue digital carbon credits according to global standards. Connect carbon credits to bonds and create your own derivatives.
Carbon credit issuance
Identify the exact geographical boundaries of your asset to measure ESG risks and performance with IoT, Satellites and drones. Create automated reports in line with your sustainable finance framework and global standards.
Monitoring & Reporting
Collect physical sustainability data using IoT and satellites. Visualise and analyse it on an interactive ESG map. Evaluate sustainability risks and track real performance.
Sustainability risks and performance
Report on asset allocation and impact in accordance with your sustainable finance framework. Verify the result on the blockchain for enhanced transparency and data immutability. Sustainable finance reporting has never been that easy and transparent!
Sustainability reporting
The development and implementation of a methodological framework requires a digital platform, with the combination of IoT, DLT, digital methodologies, AI and smart contracts for the management of the data value chain. The work Evercity is doing can be very much relevant to the UNFCCC secretariat work.
Massamba Thioye
Project Executive UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub at UN Climate Change Secretariat
There are various opportunities to apply decentralized ledgers and create value while addressing the needs of climate change, Alexey has a deep technical understanding of blockchain businesses.
Pierre Telep
Senior Climate Finance Specialist, African Development Bank Group
The Evercity platform is an ingenious application of technologies to support investment and sustainable development goals. We certainly intend to make use of the platform for our own portfolio management and would highly recommend it to those seeking accurate impact measurement for their investments.
Theresa Carbonneau
Managing Partner at Global Carbon Fund, Vancouver
The Evercity platform is being developed by a professional, highly skilled and dynamic team of young enthusiasts committed to fighting climate change with high end innovative solutions and international cooperation.
Gonzaque Flutsch
Innovation Manager at EDF
Sustainable finance blockchain protocol
The open-source Sustainable Finance Protocol enables the issuance of fully transparent programmable bonds, loans and carbon credits. It provides a real-time golden source of truth for all stakeholders reducing time, complexity and costs.
Join community to create your own climate finance applications using Sustainable Finance Protocol.
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