Streamline the process of creating and trading carbon credits through our white-label carbon marketplace for both compliance and voluntary carbon market. Ensure carbon project transparency, efficiency, and global impact through integration of blockchain with digital MRV.
White-label carbon credit platform
Our customizable white-label carbon platform enables to automate manual work of climate project development, carbon credit issuance, ESG impact monitoring, reporting and verification.
Carbon project management engine
Onboard carbon project and get carbon portfolio analytics
Carbon document creation
Generate carbon project description in line with carbon standards
Carbon credit issuance
Issue customizable digital carbon credits and forwards
Digital MRV
Integrate with MRV providers and get automated ESG reports
Carbon credit marketplace
Offer carbon credits to buyers and Evercity global investor pool
Joint work between project developers, project owners, VVBs and investors on project onboarding, management and project documentation.
Streamlined Project Management
Project onboarding enables faster and more efficient project structuring and feasibility assessment

Discussion feature enables efficient communication and task management of both the team and external stakeholders - project owners, validators and verifiers

Documents storage with flexible access management provides secure data exchange

Automated Document Generation
Collaboration of multiple team members and stakeholders on the consecutive carbon project document creation process

PIN and PDD templates in line with the leading voluntary carbon market standards (VCS, GS, GCC, CDM, etc)

Third party verification of the created documents with a blockchain signature

Carbon Forward Financing and Marketplace
Use tokenized carbon forward contracts to provide new liqudity streams for projects, and manage portfolio of projects using a carbon marketplace.
Upfront project financing with carbon forwards
Flexible carbon forward contract parameters (delivery, distribution, volume, vintage and more)

Trade of tokenized carbon purchase agreements with Hedera - climate negative enterprise DLT infrastructure

Liquidity through the integration with exchanges and sales to crypto companies
Marketplace for project portfolio visualization
Carbon projects marketplace with card view and table view;

Multiple filters to sort the listed carbon projects and derivatives (carbon credits and forwards);

Simple purchase of carbon credits / forwards through the platform interface

Impact Monitoring & Reporting
Automated monitoring and reporting in line with global carbon market standards.
Physical climate risks assessment for decision making

Supporting your investment decision making by automating risk analysis of climate projects pipeline

Easier communication and visualizition of the project's physical climate risks for a better understading of all stakeholders

Connecting third-party data providers and physical monitoring tools to increase the granularity
Trust and transparency with Digital MRV integration
Flexible integration of monitoring tools depending on the project type (drones, satellite data, etc.)

Automated reports generation based on carbon project documentation (PDD)

Monitor key project metrics according to the key global standards (ICMA, IRIS, Gold Standard, etc.)
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Streamlined onboarding for projects and collaboration on information structuring, enabling to spend 70% less time on project feasibility assessment and structuring.

Exchange messages, request information and work with colleagues and auditors in the same environment to get rid of excessive back and forth communication
Create project idea notes and PDDs faster and easier to increase your team's capacity.
Select impact metrics for your project based on ICMA, IRIS, GS and other frameworks and align them with the SDGs easier
Store all project data in an immutable database. Increase transparency with blockchain signatures by the auditor
Utilize satellite data, drone and IoT-based monitoring for automated data collection with greater precision
Features & Benefits
A carbon offset is a reduction or removal of greenhouse gasses that enables compensation for carbon emissions made elsewhere. Offsets are measured in tonnes of CO2-equivalent. The offsets are issued by projects, which resulted in real, permanent and measurable greenhouse gas emission reductions / captures.
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